Strange behaviour with scim

Hello list,

I am using Abiword, Inkscape and Gimp as GTK programs and I input Japanese and 
Chinese with scim.

I switched the input module with GTK_IM_MODULE=scim to scim and this works 
fine, but the problem is the following:

Because Japanese and Chinese need to modify the entered string, usually a pop 
up box appears where the user can choose the desired character. But in 
Inkscape and Abiword, and partly in GIMP, the problem is, that the entered 
character do not appear “on the spot”. 

I made a screenshot to illustrate the issue:

The correct behaviour should be that the “こんば” appears right after the |, just 
like any other Text you're typing and the drop box with the Kanji characters 
should appear below the text.

It is odd that this works perfectly in Firefox. But it is almost unusable in 
Inkscape and Abiword, because you don't know where this box will 
appear and you can’t concentrate on typing. I already wrote to the Inkscape 
mailing list, but they don't know anything about it, and because it also 
appears in Abiword, I think this could be a GTK issue.

In Inkscape, the same behaviour also appears on my Windows system.

Does someone know how to solve this problem? I think these behaviours would 
make these programmes almost unsuable to people in China, Japan or Korea.

Gerrit Sangel

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