Re: new user problem, Please Help me

Hi Watchara,

I think the concept that you are looking for is called "modal".
Usually, the window on top is called the "child" window and the one
behind the child is called the "parent" window.

The child needs to be modal and have a transient window set to be that
of the parent.  Look at the "Modal:" and "Transient window for:"
properties under the "General" tab of the window properties in Glade.
Also, I found that I had to set the "Type hint:" to "Dialog".

Also, I think that there's a function gtk_dialog_run() that should be
called to display the child window in your case.

For more background reading see gtk_window_set_modal() and

Hope that helps a bit.



On 27/11/2007, Watchara Kangkun <watchara kangkun gmail com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am new GTK+ user.
> I use glade to create UI.
> and now i have the problem
> - i make "window" and "AccountLayout" . Now, when i call my program it
> will show "window" and "AccountLayout" and can click/move "window" and
> "AccountLayout". but i want to when "AccountLayout" is show , i want
> to can't move/click/etc outside "AccountLayout" like when i click on
> "Browse" i can't do anything outside Browse window, i don't know
> concept.
> - "AccountLayout" have 2 button "ok" and "cancel" and 4 GtkEntry. i
> want to when i click on cancel button. "AccountLayout" will destroy.
> and when i click on ok button. i will show text in 4 GtkEntry and
> "AccountLayout" will destroy.
> Are you understand my problem? My english is very poor :-(
> Thank You Very Much
> Watchara Kangkun
> Stupid Man
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