Re: Regarding GLIB 2.4.0

On Mon, May 28, 2007 at 02:32:31PM +0530, Sashi Kiran Akella wrote:
> >
> >- remove anything you installed to system directories from
> >  sources and/or restore it from the distro packages and
> >  generally get your system to the orignal sane state
> >
> >
> I installed glib 2.4 tarball into my system, but still I';m getting this 
> error. Please help me how to sort out this problem.

You must have only one version of each library installed in
system directories[*] -- the one installed by your OS
package manager.  Now you have two or more.  Remove the
other ones.  Remove, do not install anything more.   Once
you restore the system to a sane state, start again following

BTW I don't quite understand why you are installing GLib 2.4
on your system when it already has 2.6.

[*] OK, in principle you can have more.  But if know why
precisely you need such thing, you should also know how to
fix it when it breaks.



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