gtk install problems

I recently compiled and installed the latest version of gtk because
another program needed it and I ended up recompiling and reinstalling
all of X, glib, atk, pango, etc.  Most of the applications on my
machine aren't working.  I've been experimenting trying to figure out
the problem.

The program in the source of gtk at tests/simple.c has been my guinea pig.

First, I get "Gdk-CRITICAL **: gdk_window_set_title: assertion `title
!= NULL' failed" with a segmentation fault.  If I add
g_set_application_name("simple"); before gtk_init(). then that error
goes away.

Second, if the line
"GtkButton::label", "hello world", "GtkWidget::parent", window,
"GtkWidget::visible", TRUE, NULL), "signal::clicked", hello, NULL,
is commented out, then simple runs fine.  But if its not, then I get:

GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: gtype.c:2242: initialization assertion
failed, use IA__g_type_init() prior to this function

twice and then

GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_type_register_static: assertion

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