creating new widgets OR drag-to-move

Greetings GTK mailing list. I'm pretty new to GTK, but I have plenty
of experience with similar GUI toolkits (and very different ones,

I believe I have a need to create my own widget, but I'm not sure, nor
am I sure what the best way to go about doing that is.

The widget that I've been tasked with creating is a sort of canvas
where small graphical icons can be positioned freely by dragging them
with a mouse. It's similar to most desktops, but fewer features. For
instance, at this stage highlighting/selecting/grouping icons is not
terribly important, and may never be. Associating labels with icons
isn't terribly important either (tooltips would probably be good,

My first instinct was to consider using the GTK widget container which
allows for free-form placement of other widgets within it.

Any suggestions? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time!

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