Re: Learn GTK

On 7/25/07, Michael L Torrie <torriem chem byu edu> wrote:
Years ago I bought a book on developing (in C) with GTK+ 1.2 and it was
immensely helpful.  So a book that deals with GTK+ 2.x would probably be
useful and illustrative.

I have a copy of The Official GNOME 2 Developer's Guide and it's very
good, though it's starting to become a little dated:

There's are chapters on glib, gobject and gtk.

These days I still do some programming in GTK in C and C++, most most of
it is now in Python.  I've decided to program almost exclusively, where
possible, in python, writing modules in C or C++ as appropriate.
Certainly developing GUIs seems ideal for Python.

... also excellent advice.


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