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Xavier Queralt Mateu wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm an informatics student and I would like to learn GTK. I've written
> some GTK programs for the university thanks to some manuals and reading
> the API, but I'm not really happy with them. I mean, they work as I want
> but I would like to learn how to write good code, something that I could
> not found in any manual arround there (almost all are only HelloWorld's
> and this kind of programs). What can I do? Buy a GTK book or it is best
> starting to read some code?

Which language do you want to program in?  GTK has nice bindings for a
variety of languages.

For C, I recommend the tutorials on GTK's web site.  For other
languages, usually there are some small tutorials for the bindings.  For
example, google for python gtk tutorial to get you started.

Years ago I bought a book on developing (in C) with GTK+ 1.2 and it was
immensely helpful.  So a book that deals with GTK+ 2.x would probably be
useful and illustrative.

These days I still do some programming in GTK in C and C++, most most of
it is now in Python.  I've decided to program almost exclusively, where
possible, in python, writing modules in C or C++ as appropriate.
Certainly developing GUIs seems ideal for Python.


> Thanks for the help,
> Xavier Queralt
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