Re: Font Size change?

On Mon, 2007-07-23 at 14:47 +0200, Richard Boaz wrote:
> To all the font gurus:
> In gtk+ version 2.6 I specified to draw some text on my drawing area using
> the font "Sans bold 10" and received a favourable result.
> In gtk+ version 2.10 I have not changed this specification and suddenly
> the font is much larger than in version 2.6, to the point I have to change
> it to make everything work as before.
> I know this must relate to gtk+ since I have both versions installed on my
> box and can simply point my application to one or the other and
> demonstrate the difference.
> I was under the impression that font sizes were fixed.  I guess I was
> wrong.  But this confuses me, why would a font change real size across
> different versions of gtk+?

What may have changed is how Gtk+ picks up your dpi settings.  In recent
versions it defaults to the dpi that your X server reports.  In earlier
versions it falled back to 96dpi I guess.

> On a more general note, how can I produce and provide my program across
> multiple versions of gtk+ (now and into the future) without having to
> worry about fonts changing their real size on the fly?

You really shouldn't make such assumptions...

> thanks for any pointers and explanations,
> richard


"Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little
 Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."
        -- Benjamin Franklin, 1759

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