call to anyone who has succeeedd in porting Windows Forms (not just the Hello World button) to MacOS

I have been spending a few weeks of my free time trying to port a .NET 1.1 Windows Form application containing datagrids, DateTimePickers, etc. I have installed mono. But you also need libgdiplus and gtk-sharp for this to work. However for some reason I can not install gtk-sharp on a PowerBook G4 Mac. If I try manually I come to contrary messages about glib. If I try with MacPorts, it runs wonderful to install mono, but also comes to some impasse about gtk-sharp. The best so far was Fink. I could install mono and gtk-sharp with it. But gtk-sharp2 is also needed. When trying to install that one it comes to contrary data about some pango related package. Most of these bugs are already reported, and I will recheck them all and report if needed to the correct channel. However my question here is: Has anyone in this mailing list ever succeeded to port a real Windows Form to MacOS, or am I a pioneer? (And if so pleeeaaase, how did you do that??) Sorry if you feel this is not the right place for such post...
Best regards,

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