Re: Overlapping GtkWidgets - any advice?

On Thu, 2007-08-16 at 17:18 -0600, Jeff Smith wrote:
> Spectacular concision. Thank you.
> Now, if I understand GnomeCanvas properly, it will allow me to embed
> drawable objects into the canvas, instead of putting widgets into a
> GtkFixed. And this will all draw very nicely, without background
> obliteration etc. But doing so will sacrifice the GUI events that I
> get for free on an object-by-object basis from the GtkWidget class,
> yes? 

no, every object has its own event handler. the one distinction is that
is a single event handler, not one per event type. so you end up a
generic handler of the form:

	int handler (GdkEventAny *event) {

	    switch (event->type) {
	      ... do button press stuff ...

	    // etc
	    return one_for_handled_zero_for_not_handled;

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