Re: (severe) performance issues

On 4/3/07, Bobby Jack <bobbykjack yahoo co uk> wrote:
My results with the following:

   * Intel P4 3.2 GHz
   * Onboard graphics controller (this may well be the
   * GTK 2.10.8
   * Test program defaults (50 labels, 100 FPS)

are CPU usage consistently above 50%. I can try to
reproduce this on another machine (much slower CPU,
better - although still quite old - nvidia graphics
card) if that would be useful.

That's interesting. I just tried on my laptop (1.8 GHz PM, ATI
mobility, gtk2.10) and I get about 40% CPU usage, which is more than
I'd expect. I'll try building gtk2.10 on my work machine tomorrow and
see if 2.8 -> 2.10 makes much difference.


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