GTK+ windows installer confusion

I developed a Sudoku game that is designed to be easily ported to a
large variety of platforms.  There were several reasons to select
GTK+, among the most significant reason is Cairo.  Because I wanted
to use Cairo, the runtime requires GTK+ 2.8.0 or newer.

The program was written on Linux, using GNU autotools.  As a result,
the game was easily ported to other Linux distributions, and Mac OS X,
as long as one is willing to use X11 on the Mac.  The DarwinPorts port
file gtk+ automates the task of installing GTK+ on a Mac.  Nice.

The Windows port was a little more difficult.  To create a binary, I
installed MinGW and MSYS, and followed the instructions on Tor
Lillqvist's web page at to load a development
environment. For now, let me ignore the minor build issues, but it
suffices to say that I generated a working binary on Windows.  The
question becomes, how do I distribute it.

I installed the latest GTK+ windows installer at, which installs GTK+ 2.8.18.  When I try to run
the application outside of MSYS, I get the following message:

  The procedure entry point g_type_register_static_simple could not be
  located in the dynamic link library libgobject-2.0.0.dll.

I'm told the error occurs as a result of a version mismatch with GLib.

A search of this mailing list shows there is another installer, this
one is at  The nice thing about this release
is it appears the development installer is kept in sync with the end
user installer.  I bet I can get my application working, but how do I
ensure that end users get the correct installer?  Having two to pick
from in sure to cause confusion.  Is there some way for the gladewin32
and gimp people to find common ground?

The Sudoku game is available at  This implementation is quite
different than gnome-sudoku, as this program is designed to 
eliminate much of the drudgery of solving a Sudoku puzzle, especially
the difficult ones.


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