Re: Memory Usage

Hi Ivan,

Thanks for your help. At least now I know that the code is not completely wrong.
Since I use the DirectFB backend on my system and not X, I think it might be possible that the problem is somewhere in the connection layer to DirectFB or in DirectFB itself.

I will try to get Valgrind to work, but a quick try to cross-compile did result in an unsupported architecture error.

However what I saw here is that if I add some widgets to my window,  just destroy the widgets and keep the window itself (just hiding it) there will be no memory leak. Not sure what this means, though.

best regards

Ivan Baldo <ibaldo adinet com uy> wrote:
Hello Andre.
I runned it up to 8100 iterations and the program virtual memory
remained the same so the program itself isn't leaking on i386 under
Debian Testing with GTK+ 2.8.20.
Though, the entire system increased its memory usage by 1Mib, I
didn't spot exactly what process was increasing its memory usage but it
wasn't yours.
On MIPS you see that your program process increases its memory
consumption or is the X server or another process?
How much iterations are you testing?
Well, while I am not an expert on GTK your code seems good to me and
your program process didn't leak memory at all after 8100 iterations, at
least looking in /proc/thePid/status while it was running on my system.
Hope this helps.
Maybe you can try to use Valgrind on MIPS, don't know if it works there.

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