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   Hello Andre.
I runned it up to 8100 iterations and the program virtual memory remained the same so the program itself isn't leaking on i386 under Debian Testing with GTK+ 2.8.20. Though, the entire system increased its memory usage by 1Mib, I didn't spot exactly what process was increasing its memory usage but it wasn't yours. On MIPS you see that your program process increases its memory consumption or is the X server or another process?
   How much iterations are you testing?
Well, while I am not an expert on GTK your code seems good to me and your program process didn't leak memory at all after 8100 iterations, at least looking in /proc/thePid/status while it was running on my system.
   Hope this helps.
   Maybe you can try to use Valgrind on MIPS, don't know if it works there.

El 24/10/06 05:10, Andre Messerschmidt escribió:

Sure. Would be great if it is just a simple misunderstanding on how to use GTK.

This program should create a window and then after receiving a USR2 signal display or destroy another window. Here I can see that if I do this long enough, my memory keeps decreasing until only 1MB is left (from initially 128MB)

Hope it helps.

best regards

*/Ivan Baldo <ibaldo adinet com uy>/* wrote:

    Can you post the source code of your test application?
    GTK doesn't seem to leak memory on i386, it shouldn't on MIPS...
    Thank you.

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