Re: How to change the look of gtk toggle button / new signal attaching

On Saturday 13 May 2006 6:09 pm, Anna wrote:
> On Sat, May 13, 2006 at 09:12:07AM +0200, hm wrote:

> > How to change the look of gtk (toggle) button ? I  just want to make
> > button not to look like button :) I would like it to look as a label, and
> > act like button in meaning, that I would like to  use "clicked" signal..
> > I know, that adding new signals to old widgets is possible, but How to do
> > it ? How to add signal "clicked" (for example) to a gtk label ? I`m noob,
> > and i don`t actually know what Marshaller is, and so one.. if anyone
> > could explain it to me, i would be grateful
> the clicked event implementation is fairly complicated.  it involves
> capturing mouse down events and mouse up events...  making sure they
> both happen within the boundaries of the widget and there appear to be
> some timing requirements as well.  not sure.  but, you don't want to
> re-create it.
> to make a button that doesn't look like a button, try using the standard
> interface of the button's class hierarchy to remove the 3d effects, and
> changing the color scheme so that the "pressed" state has the same color
> as the not-pressed state.  basically, the idea is to just remove all the
> effects that make the button *look* like a physical 3d button.  it's not
> too difficult to do.

I suspect the users requirements could be me just by putting the label in a 
GtkEventBox, and setting the event mask to receive a button press event.  It 
seems pointless to use a GtkButton object and then remove anything that makes 
it look different to a label: in that case a precise emulation of the timing 
of a button clicked event would be irrelevant (the button press and release 
is invisible).


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