Re: glib\guitls.h, atexit and the windows DDK

Rick Jones writes:
 > int __cdecl atexit(void (__cdecl *)(void));

 > did indeed make the error go away when compiling under the DDK.

What compiler is used in that case, BTW, as I get no errors or
warnings when compiling a program that includes both stdlib.h (where
the official declaration of atexit() is) and gutils.h (without any
__cdecl) either with MSVC6 or MSVC8?

I hope you aren't using some compiler switch that makes something else
than __cdecl the default calling convention for functions without
explicitly specified calling convention? Or do the DDK headers do
this, but don't pop the default back? The GLib (and GTK+, etc) headers
don't specify any calling convention, and things will go horribly
wrong if you compile code that calls GLib, GTK+ etc functions with the
wrong calling convention. We haven't wanted to uglify the GLib, GTK+,
etc headers by adding explicit calling convention decorations for
Win32's sake, and nobody has complained so far.


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