Re: Usability of the GTK+ 2 file open dialog

On Tue, 7 Mar 2006 20:04:39 +-0100, David Necas (Yeti) wrote:

> As far as I know menus are not detachable by default in Gtk+-
> (and the Gimp's are for a good reason).  It is funny how the
> Microsoft Windows users are comfortable with any braindead
> scanner control GUI where I cannot tell what _are_ the
> controls, not speaking about what interactions are possible
> and what they do 

Scanner control GUI? You do realize that there isn't any standarised
scanning dialog box on Windows, and that every vendor provides it's own
(and that this is one of the things that's hard to standarise unless you
want to lock out advanced features that some scanners support but others

> Either are those Windows people different species and think
> and feel in ways incomprehensible to us (and I am not
> convinced of this), or the problem lies somewhere else.  

That's exactly the feeling I have when I use Gnome - everything is alien,
and it usually can't be set to behave more how I expect (and I feel the
same way about Macs).

> More
> likely, they are confronted with free software in situations
> that invoke their withdrawal reflex and make them complain
> about just anything complainable, that is paricularly any
> obvious difference.

I only complain when IMHO something doesn't work the way it should - and
this isn't limited to GTK+- or even just open-source.

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