Re: GTK performance on Windows

I played a bit and found something which could be considered as "slow":

Open the configuration dialog of gimp and move another window on top of it.
This spikes cpu useage to 80-90% on an AMD Athlon XP 2000+, while you
can still see a ~4mm repaint lag.

I wonder wether this could also be caused because of inefficient
double buffering ... time will show.

lg Clemens

2006/6/23, Clemens Eisserer <linuxhippy gmail com>:
First of all thanks a lot for doing that much work porting GTK to windows.
I can't count how many apps I've used myself on windows-pcs which were
able to run because of your work.

> If one would ask specific question like "I draw 100000 line segments
> with separate gdk_draw_line() calls, and it's too slow on Win32" one
> might get better help.

I installed gimp on some win-xp computers in the company I work for
(sempron 1,6ghz or so) and also saw some kind of slow behaviour. These
are very much the issues I have on linux but more "visible".  Its the
UI, menus, window resizing, layout changes or repaint-events sent to
the window because its content was invalidated.
I can't say wether its really slow or just feels so, maybe the graphic
card driver had an influence (nvidia gf4 mx4000) or some other
circumstances were not optimal.
I simply never did care that much simply because I don't use/like this planform.

Its just hard to know whats going wrong, especially if someone is no
gtk insider.

lg Clemens

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