Re: How do I update ONLY GLib?

On Wed, Dec 20, 2006 at 08:42:35PM -0600, Warren Fenlon wrote:
> 1.  Is the difference between a tar.gz and a tar.bz2 just different
> compression algorithms?

Yes, but if the spec file says source tarbal is foo.tar.bz2,
you have to give it foo.tar.bz2 or fix the spec file.

> 2.  I did not see any obvious errors from the rpmbuild command and the last
> line displayed "exit 0"... Is there anything else I should look for in the
> output?

If anything goes wrong, it is pretty obvious, namely the
package is not built.

> 3.  I see that I now have 2 rpms in ~/rpmbuild/RPMS/i386, regular and devel
> versions.  Since everything went well with the rpmbuild, is the idea now
> that I install one of these rpms "for real"?  And if something doesn't work
> right, I can uninstall the rpm?
> 4.  What extras do I get with the devel rpm?

Please don't attempt to install them until you are confident
you either know or know how to find out how to force
a package downgrade or get information from a rpm file
yourself (the rpm guide I linked should help with this,
particularly sections 3 and 4).  I misunderstood what you
meant by `I can install rpms' and I don't want you to break
your system blindly following something I wrote, no matter
how unlikely it is, and being unable to fix it yourself.

Instead, configure the new GLib for a non-system location,
install it there, and when you want to use it, set up the
appropriate environment variables Tristan described.



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