GLists & Sorting

This is my first usage of GLib and GTK. I have used similar before.

Here is some code:

      g_message("There are  %d elements.\n",g_list_length(filesystems));
      if(filesystems && bsort)
      g_message("There are  %d elements.\n",g_list_length(filesystems));

The 1st and second line correctly print out the 17 list contents and the
number of elements respectively.
The list contains GStrings. printlistelemet is defined as:

void printlistelement(gpointer r1, gpointer ignore){
   g_message("%s\n",((GString *)r1)->str);

The next call to g_list_length gave 3 instaed of 17!

Where I had my problem was where I did not reassign the output of the call
to g_list_sort to "filesystems". What is the thinking behind this in the
API? If I had a pointer to a List "object" then it should be just that - not
a pointer to a sub element.

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