Re: Building a GTK-program in Microsoft visual C++

On Sat, 2006-12-02 at 16:49 +0100, Bart Sopers wrote:
> lved my last question about my mandelbrot program. I used -nocygwin in
> my makefile, but my GTK-files were built for cygwin so that didn't
> really work.
> I built this program with GTK, and it works fine on FreeBSD. Now I
> want to use it on windows, in such way that anyone can 'use' it
> without installing anything like GTK. 

Are you using the binaries provided by Tor Lillqvist?  They are
compatible with visual studio.  see .  It's
just a matter of making sure visual studio has the include files in its
path and also the libraries.  There should be no need to mess with any
cygwin flags in this case. 



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