Re: Opening dialogs outside the Gtk thread?

Dmitry Konyshev wrote:
gnome-vfs seems to send its notifications in context of the main thread.

I don't know. Does it? It almost seems so when looking at the Nautilus source, but I haven't read anything about that in the documentation. Afterall, its purpose is to allow for transfers running asynchronously to the main thread, so why should it call its signal handlers from anywhere but its own thread of execution?

I don't know how it happens that your function gets called from another thread.

I thought this is how gnome-vfs' async functions work. You connect your signal handlers, start the transfer(), it kicks off its own thread and sends updates periodically to report progress. In this case I see no reason why my signal handler would not be called from the thread which is running the transfer (and which is most certainly not the main thread).

- Matthias

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