Opening dialogs outside the Gtk thread?


I want to display a message dialog from a thread B running parallel to the Gtk main thread A (it's a thread invoked by the async transfer methods from gnome-vfs). When running the dialog directly, the program locks up, which is what I expected since Gtk is not thread safe.

So I downloaded the nautilus source code to see how they do it but they open the dialog directly in a function which is not called from the Gtk main thread using eel_run_simple_dialog() (I also downloaded the eel sources and I couldn't find anything related to thread tunneling and dialogs in the respective functions).

How come it works for them without dispatching the call to the main thread, but not for me? I already started to implement the mechanics to synchronize both threads, but it's really a lot of code just to show a dialog from a second thread... Am I missing something?


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