Re: Opening dialogs outside the Gtk thread?

Tim Janik wrote:
you can use gtk functions from any thread, as long as you take care to
acquire the gtk lock around any gtk functions:

  fire up dialog here.

Yep, I could do that. However I was told that the cleaner approach is to use a dispatcher (Glib::Dispatcher) and make sure that the GUI is only modified in the Gtk main thread. I also noticed strange behavior when using these functions when I didn't wrapped each and every call in them (making my code extremely ugly since I quite often need to make GUI calls from other threads).

Besides, this lock/unlock thing doesn't seem to be the whole story. For example, my program will only lock up when I create and show a modal dialog inside the second thread, while the dialogs I use to display transfer progress (which were created--but not shown!!--in the main thread) never crash my program when showing/hiding them! That just doesn't make sense.

Since Nautilus, as I pointed out, also doesn't seem to suffer from this inter-thread GUI problem, I am sure I am missing something. I thought maybe someone here knows since I was pretty sure that the Nautilus developers read this list.


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