Re: GTK+ on Mac OS X

John M. Gabriele wrote:

Hi John,

> I've heard about the new GTK+ port to OS X and was
> hoping to find out more.
> This was news around the beginning of October:
> but I haven't heard anything since.
> Just curious:
> 1. Is this something that goes into the mainline GTK+
> code, or is it a separate side-project?

The plan is to get it into the main project tree as soon as possible.

> 2. Does it use Carbon or Cocoa?

It uses Cocoa.

> 3. Any idea when a release might become available?

Hopefully within the next couple of weeks, we wanted to make the most
trivial things to work without crashing so that people can play around
with it.

> 4. Is this the proper list to be asking about GTK+ on OS X?

The gtk-devel list would be more suitable since it's targetting the
development of Gtk+ itself.

Best Regards,
  Mikael Hallendal

Imendio AB,

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