Re: should I use wxWidgets or is GTK+ enough?

bob self ha scritto lo scorso 27/10/2005 14:41:
I write windows programs but would like to start making my apps cross-platform. Originally I thought that wxWidgets was the way to go, but I wanted to consider alternatives before I make the switch. Could I accomplish mostly the same thing by using GTK+ instead? WxWidgets uses gtk,
I've heard, so maybe it's just another (unnecessary?) layer.

You have already got a lot of answer to your questions, but I would like to add just another voice: I started developing apps under win32 using gtk+; nowaday I love to code under linux, but my apps are generally run under windows - just the same code for libraries and for gui, built natively with both mingw and msvc7. Users can choose their preferred theme for gtk apps under windows, and until now I didn't have any serious problem (that is, gtk codes are really cross-platform). Probably I am in a lucky condition, because all my apps deals with scientific calculations and data display (in numeric or graphical form) and are written in C.

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