Re: should I use wxWidgets or is GTK+ enough?

On Thu, 2005-10-27 at 08:41 -0400, bob self wrote:
> I write windows programs but would like to start making my apps 
> cross-platform. Originally I thought that wxWidgets was the way to go,
> but I wanted to consider alternatives before I make the switch. Could I 
> accomplish mostly the same thing by using GTK+ instead? WxWidgets uses gtk,
> I've heard, so maybe it's just another (unnecessary?) layer.

I've wrestled with cross-platform developing off and on over the years.
Lately I've been using GTK mainly because I know it and it's easy.
Looks okay on windows, but feels alien.  QT is another possibility, and
it does integrate much better on the 3 platforms (mac, win, lin) than
gtk, but comes with it's own issues and caveats.

Just using a toolkit that's available on all platforms does not make
your project automatically cross-platform.  It's a matter of how you
code your C, which abstraction libraries you want to use.

I've come to conclusion that it is best to build your programs in a
loosely-coupled, modular fashion, keeping platform-dependent code in
layers, separate from the universal business logic, with a separate UI
layer.  Then you try as much as possible to make the business logic
cross-platform, and call into your own platform-dependent layer when
necessary.  The UI can then be written using whatever toolkit you want.
This is the only way to get an app that truly is at home on any


> thanks,
> Bob
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