Re: should I use wxWidgets or is GTK+ enough?

> I write windows programs but would like to start making my apps 
> cross-platform. Originally I thought that wxWidgets was the way to go,
> but I wanted to consider alternatives before I make the switch. Could I 
> accomplish mostly the same thing by using GTK+ instead? WxWidgets uses

Short answer: yes you could, if you know how to. I had made it for some
apps. Look at Inkscape ( for an example of what you could
expect in Windows with gtk/gtkmm. There has been some bugs with screen
redraw and windows stack order. 
There is no (I dont know if exist) a "dont need to change a single line
of code" solution though. Mainly because Windows is not fully POSIX
compliant (file names and so).
WxWidgets uses gtk for Linux, I suppose it uses win32 in Windows.

> I've heard, so maybe it's just another (unnecessary?) layer

Personally, my own reason is to control 100% of my program.

Just a note:

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