Re: Japanese Display for gtk+-1.2.9

On Tue, 25 Oct 2005 14:59:17 +0800
Xyber Blue <xyberblue gmail com> wrote:

>Currently, our project is embedded Linux systems running on Fujitsu FR-V
>target board. Meaning, this Linux and its applications are being cross
>compiled so that the executables can be run on the target hardware.

>We also found out that there is no xfs running on our System. Is xfs

I don't think xfs on FR-V is not required. Possibly,
Mr. Tor Lillqvist advises following test:

x86 PC                             ->   FR-V
ip:                         ip:

+------------------------------+        +------------------------+
| env DISPLAY= \  |        | xhost +    |
|   xlsfonts                   |        |                        |
|                              |        |                        |

By executing "xhost + ..." on FR-V for first, FR-V permits to
access its X-server over IP network (e.g.: x86 PC). In next,
by setting "DISPLAY=...", xlsfonts command on remote x86 PC
connects to X-server on FR-V over IP network, and extracts
available font list on FR-V.

Another example... after "xhost + ..." on FR-V, you execute
"env DISPLAY= xterm" on x86 PC. If works correctly,
you can find xterm window on FR-V. In this xterm window, you
can execute program on x86 PC, within X-server on FR-V.
So, execute "xlsfonts" in the xterm window - the printed font
list is of X-server on FR-V.

If I'm misunderstanding, Mr. Tor, please correct me.

I'm sorry for your difficult experience to crossbuild xlsfonts.
The reason why I didn't ask remote xlsfonts and I asked to use
native xlsfonts on your target is that I wanted you to do atomic
test without uncertainity.

>mpsuzuki, Im still working on cross compiling the fontset.c but still I am
>encounter errors which it can't find gtk.h. Still, I am working on it.

Oops. So, you don't have testgtk? Could you compile it on x86 PC
and display it, as "xterm" example which I've written in above?

If I can obtain toolkit for FR-V or detailed environment (Linux
kernel version, glibc version, X11 version), I will cross build
it for you.


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