Re: Japanese Display for gtk+-1.2.9

Hello Tor,

Currently, our project is embedded Linux systems running on Fujitsu FR-V target board. Meaning, this Linux and its applications are being cross compiled so that the executables can be run on the target hardware.

Our X-Window Server is cross compiled and being fitted for the target. So meaning, not all executables and utilities from X are being build. That's why xlsfonts doesn't exists in our system.
The bad experience here is that, X-Window is already packed as a binary, building this package from sources lead us to many errors. Currently we are working on it.

The main problem that I have encounter is that gtk-1.2 doesn't display Japanese text while dillo, which uses gtk-1.2 as its UI backend displays HTML sites. We also found out that dillo uses fontconfig to display japanese sites while gtk-1.2 does not use it. I think it's because gtk-1.2 uses X core fonts.

We also found out that there is no xfs running on our System. Is xfs necessary???

mpsuzuki, Im still working on cross compiling the fontset.c but still I am encounter errors which it can't find gtk.h. Still, I am working on it.

On 10/25/05, Tor Lillqvist <tml iki fi> wrote:
Xyber Blue writes:
> I already successfully cross compiled xlsfonts to my target.

I still don't see why you couldn't simply have run xlsfonts on some
other (Unix or Linux) machine, with DISPLAY pointing to your target?
(The listing would still be printed to its standard output on the
machine where it is run.) Or doesn't the X server on your target
support remote clients?


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