Re: Japanese Display for gtk+-1.2.9

On Wed, 19 Oct 2005 08:52:47 +0800
Xyber Blue <xyberblue gmail com> wrote:

>>>How about text widget included in testgtk?
>In testgtk, the font selector and the file selector is tranformed into
>japanese from the PC side. But in out embedded target board, it
>display nothing.
>I don't think so if we lack fonts for this but the dillo can display
>japanese, only gtk widgets can't display.

I attached a sample of gtk+-1.2 font selector in well-Japanized status.
Your trouble is that Japanese text at buttons, tabs etc (which I enclosed
by red line), when it's excuted under LANG=ja_JP.eucjp? And, if you
execute aslike

	env LANG=ja_JP.eucjp LC_MESSAGES=C testgtk

correct English messages are displayed on buttons?

If so, I guess, the default fontset (which is used for text on the
buttons etc) defined by gtkrc is incompatible with available Japanese

Please check available fonts for Japanese script (you can check the
charset by "Font Style" column of gtk font selector, search for
jisx0208 charset), check its "Actual Font Name" by "Font Information"
tab, and it is compatible with the default fontset of gtk (which is
defined in gtkrc).


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