Re: Japanese Display for gtk+-1.2.9

@mpsuzuki, Internationalization for dillo is only for pages that requires japanese display. But to widgets, it will not covered into it. dillo currently uses gtk-1.2 as its UI back end,it does not requires Qt, only gtk-1.2.

>>If you execute
>>       locale -a | grep ja_JP
>>you can get the list of ja_JP.XXX locales that libc on your system
>>supports. Could you find ja_JP.UTF-8?

I can't find UTF-8, and also eucJP. It only contains POSIX and C when locale -a is entered.
Currently, I found out that gtk-1.2 does not support UTF-8, so we are onto looking for eucJP to be used by gtk.

currently using localedef command, we add ja_JP.eucjp so that when you invoke locale -a, it will display:

But still dillo on its widgets does not display japanese. Any other hints guys on where Im wrong??
Is there something I missed???

On 10/18/05, mpsuzuki hiroshima-u ac jp <mpsuzuki hiroshima-u ac jp > wrote:
On Tue, 18 Oct 2005 19:13:57 +0900
mpsuzuki hiroshima-u ac jp wrote:
>>I am trying to display a japanese display for my gtk Cross compiled linux
>>embedded system. Im using the gtk+-1.2.9 for this is one of the
>>gtk-1.2version that is supported by dillo web browser.

When I search Japanese web pages about dillo, it seems that
there are various localization (or internationalization) patch
for dillo. (for example:

Are you sure the problem is under gtk+-1.2.x, not of dillo itself?


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