Re: gtk+-2.8.6 link error I_ (and now weeK_start in gtkcalendar.c)

On Thu, 2005-10-13 at 22:27 -0700, Tom Crockett wrote:
> Hi,
> For all those following along (!) I've been able to make gtk+2.8.6.
> The problem is within gtk/gtkcalendar.c.  On my initial efforts to make
> the gtk+ package the compile croaked with an error on variable week_start
> as undefined.  I looked around and saw mention of gtkcalendar.c cvs fix for
> the problem.  The version in the cvs tree is mentioned below.   Ok, it  
> fixed
> the week_start error but introduced another undefined variable I_.
> When no one on the list indicated that they knew about it I did a
> find . -exec grep " I_" {} \; -ls in the gtk+ source tree and could only  
> find
> one file it was used in, gtkcalendar.c.  No definition and not defined in
> any header files.
> So, I went back to the original gtkcalendar.c file, the one with the  
> week_start
> error, and looked at it.  What I found was week_start is defined as a
> structure member but in two places it was being used as a simple  
> varstatic_string().iable.
> I changed the code so that week_start was referenced thru the structure
> pointer priv->week_start and altho there are still warnings in the file,
> it compiled and all of gtk+2.8.6 compiled and linked and installed.
> Did anyone make 2.8.6?  Is this a issue between linux and solaris?
> I have no idea whether my made version of gtk+ works correctly as there
> are a number of warnings, primarily of pointer refs, throughout the  
> compile,
> but hey!, who's quibbling...?
> Any questions, comments let me know.
> Tom

If there is an I_() in gtkcalendar.c in 2.8, it has accidentally crept
in from HEAD. Just remove it.


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