Re: Japanese Display for gtk+-1.2.9

Unfortunately, we also have no contact to the X porting team :=). This package is only associated with the Linux Systems we are using.

BTW, I am attaching a file "host.def", which is the one holding the porting info of the X-Window. We also noticed that the cross.def is intended for ARM, but the porting to FRV does not use it.

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On Wed, 9 Nov 2005 14:11:15 +0800
Xyber Blue < xyberblue gmail com> wrote:

>Ok. Thanks for the info Mr. Suzuki...
>BTW, the X Window that we are use is the tiny X server for embedded systems.
>We only noticed this now because we are not the one doing the X window port
>for FRV, Im very sorry for this. We used the XFree86-4.3.0 package and it
>has been built with "-DNO_LOCALE -DX_LOCALE" standard defines.

I'm wondering why the packager produced libc-locale-disabled-X
for Linux on glibc, because disabling libc-locale does not improve
X server from the viewpoint of codesize, speed, resourcefile, etc
etc. Could I contact with X porting team? I guess the configuration
is for uClibc/newlibc whose locale is reduced and not full-featured.
In fact, cross.def bundled to XFree86 and Xorg is a sample for
Linux/ARM with X_LOCALE. I tried cross-building of XFree86-4.3.0
for FR-V by RedHat GNUpro toolkit. I had trouble in buildling
OpenGL and fontconfig related libraries.

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