Re: Get rid of cursor in Label

On Sun, Jun 26, 2005 at 09:57:09AM +0200, David Necas (Yeti) wrote:
> This behaviour is identical to any other selectable text in
> Gtk+: GtkEntry, GtkTextView.

Well it shouldn't be identical as they have different purposes. Labels
are to display text and not to be edited so the cursor should ideally
dissapear after some time, but I can see that this is not easy to do in
the library so it is ok.

> Why so complicated?  You can just give the widget focus
> using Tab.  It's exactly the same.  It doesn't matter how it
> got the focus.

Problem is that GTK gives labels focus automatically. Besides I find it
strange that up and down arrow shifts the focus from widget to widget. I
thought it was tab that should do this. Intuitively I would think that
arrow down and up would scroll a scollable window, but I see that I have
to use Ctrl-Arrow to do this. IMHO this is wrong and it should be the
other way around.

> Keyboard focus does not (normally) depend on where mouse
> pointer is.  The label is still the focused widget and you
> can select text.  So a cursor is present.  I would
> definitely not call this `serving no purpose'.

Problem is that one cannot click somewhere else in the application to
take away the focus. I mean a vbox cannot have focus, so the cursor
sticks there until you press a button.

> Why are you trying to create an accessibility problem? How
> would you like if GtkEntries behaved this way?

Interesting that should mention GtkEntries. How come I cannot type a TAB
character in an GtkEntry? I mean in a GTkTextView one can accept TABs,
but there is as I can see from the reference manual no way to get an
Entry to accept TABs.


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