Re: Get rid of cursor in Label

On Sun, Jun 26, 2005 at 11:41:23AM +0200, David Necas (Yeti) wrote:
> Yes, and of course if you have a scrolled window packed with
> spin buttons, then up arrow cannot scroll the window and
> increment spin button value at the same time (not mentioning
> to move focus between widgets), so it depends on what's
> inside whether it makes sense.

Actually it doesn't I have only labels (unselectable) and images in a
vbox packed in a viewport that is scrollable (scrolledwindow), but still
if I use arrow keys I shift focus in widget and I don't scroll up and

I'm all for being able to control the GUI by keyboard, but for me
scrolling a window is what the user would want to do in order to read
all the text and should therefore be controled by Arrow up and Down.
Crlt+Arrow could change focus IMHO.


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