Re: Get rid of cursor in Label

On Sun, Jun 26, 2005 at 12:36:04AM +0200, David Necas (Yeti) wrote:
> On Sat, Jun 25, 2005 at 10:57:32PM +0200, Preben Randhol wrote:
> > If one setup a Label so that one can select the text of the label, one
> > get an annoying "|"-cursor at the beginning of the label. How can one
> > get rid of this?
> How would you know cursor position when you are selecting
> text with keyboard then?  The cursor is present only if the
> label has keyboard focus and I can't see the point of making
> a label selectable and then making selection practically
> impossible.

I think what he means is the cursor remains visible in the label when no
selection is in progress.  to see:

1) using the mouse, highlight a section of a selectable label.
  - notice that the cursor is only visible until one character has been
    highlighted.  dragging further to expand the selection does not
    cause the cursor to appear again.
2) clear the highlighted selection by single clicking on a different
   part of the same label.
3) remove your mouse from the area
  - notice there is a cursor visible on the label which is serving no
4) click on some other widget to change focus away from the label and
   notice the cursor disappears.

it is annoying, but not so bad imho.

Preben, you might try capturing the click and (de-)selection events
happening on the label...  and during appropriate events attempt to move
focus away from the label (to a default focus widget for instance).
That might get rid of the cursor when it shouldn't be there.

- Ben

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