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On Wed, Dec 28, 2005 at 08:07:44AM +0100, Richard Boaz wrote:
> hi,
> there's another method you can employ to deal with these situations. 
> don't know all your gritty details, but perhaps it's relevant for you. 
> when i have dialogs and popups and such, i don't employ another
> gtk_main(), rather, i make the dailog modal so that focus is fixed on the
> dialog.  once they user hits the enter/cancel key, i hide the dialog/popup
> insteal of destroying it.  that way, if the user needs to see it again,
> you only need to show the widget instead of making it from scratch every
> time.

Considered that, thanks.  These aren't informative, they're dialogue
widgets of one or another kind, and I hadn't gotten the connection.
They need to pass their information, do their thing, and then go away,
as a new instance will be needed each time.  I think.

Also, I think they need not to be modal, because the user may want to
consult other stuff in the process, and hanging things up would be a
real Bad Idea.

Finally got some response here, and its valuable!

Thanks all,

Bill Tallman

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