Switching GtkTextBuffer and Child Anchors


I have a GtkTextView that I was trying to share between multiple GtkTextBuffers
(one at a time of course). Each GtkTextButter had a child anchor that
consisted of
a GtkTable widget. The GtkTextView displayed the buffer and it's child
anchor fine
until I switched to another GtkTextBuffer (using
gtk_text_view_set_buffer()) and
then switched back to the original GtkTextBuffer. When I switched back
the table
was gone and in its place was the outline of a box where the table had
been (the box
was smaller than the original table). A co-worker looked at the gtk
code and according
to him when you switch the buffers using gtk_text_view_set_buffer() 
any child anchors
in the existing GtkTextBuffer get deleted. Is this a bug, feature, or
what. It certainly
seems bogus to me but maybe there's a good reason for it. Or, maybe my idea for 
toggling buffers withing a GtkTextView is inappropriate 


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