Re: Drawing on the root window

On Fri, 26 Nov 2004 21:20:14 -0200, Joao Victor said:
> Hmm. Maybe i'm looking for the wrong solution to the problem.

Explain what problem you're trying to solve here?  I'm fairly sure that
you're trying to achieve a specific result, possibly quite reasonable, but
trying to do it in a very unreasonable way...

> So, i'll tell you guys what i'm trying to do, in the hopes someone can
> point me out where to look for. Here's the thing:
> I want to draw on the scren, over *all* windows/widgets (including
> other applications' windows/widgets).

That's horribly anti-social, and terrible user interface design. (Think about
if you're trying to use another application in another window, but you can't
see it because something keeps scribbling all over it...)

A *much* better idea would be to query the screen size, create a window
that size, and ask the window manager to move it to the top.  That way you can
use all the real estate, but the user can use the window manager "push to bottom
of stack"/"lower" function if they need to get at another window.

Or look at how many programs implement a "maximize" function - which may be
another approach to your problem.

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