Re: gtk 2.4 compilation wants pango 1.2?

Dave Reed wrote:

On a Solaris 9 system, I installed:

but when configuring gtk+-2.4.0 I get:


checking for freetype-config... /usr/local/bin/freetype-config
checking For sufficiently new FreeType (at least 2.0.1)... yes
sh: gnome-config: not found
configure: error: Pango 1.2.0 and Xft backend is required for x11 target


I had previously installed gtk+-2.2.2 and it's corresponding glib,
pango, and atk. What do I need to do to get gtk 2.4 to install?
You need pango >= 1.2.0 (so 1.4.0 is OK) _with_ the Xft backend. Use
'pkg-config --modversion pangoxft' to find out what version is
installed (or rather what version is in your PKG_CONFIG_PATH).

Yes, getting pangoxft to work on Solaris seems to be the problem. I
downloaded the various packages Dave Smith suggested - but couldn't get
render/xrender, etc. to compile on Solaris. Right now I've got too
many other things to do, but I'll probably try again this summer and
post a solution if I find one.


I had similar problems on a Linux RedHat 7.1 system. I also tried to install fontconfig, freetype, xrender, etc. but only ran into problems when compiling or linking them. To me, it seemed that the version of my X11R6 installation was just too old. So, I downloaded the latest XFree86 binary release from, which includes all the necesseary packages. After installing that, I could successfully compile pango 1.4.0 and gtk 2.4.0 and am a happy gtk-2.4.0 user now. So, upgrading the X11R6 tree on your system might help, too. Just remember to do a backup first... On my system I had to restore the XF86Config and xinitrc files for getting back my gnome desktop.



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