amd64 as target

I'm having a heck of a time trying to get glib and gtk to compile nicely for the amd64. The configure script keeps on finding the binaries in /usr/bin and using them to make decisions, ones that aren't always correct... you see, I have to cater to two platform needs, one is the 323 bit one that you're all very familiar with, but the other one needs -m64, and isn't really very compatible withthe -m32 bit mode.

The use of binaries in /usr/bin is confusing me more, I need someone to lay out the playing field in 2 different ways: one, let me know, please, how the binaries (glib-something in /usr/bin) figure in the configuration) and what the right set of switches is in configure to get me *both* of the two modes I need to cater to.

You see, I tried using "env CFLAGS=-m64 configure --libdir=/usr/local/lib64" but it fails, telliiimg me that the gcc can't create executeables. That was for the 64 bit stuff. For the 32 bit stuff, it's bringing in /usr/X11R6/lib64, which is completely wrong for the 32 bit mode.

Ahh, I'm losing my mind over autoconf. Just tell me if there's a "magic" phrase I should be using for the x86_64.

BTW, word to the wise: on many older packages, I can get them to work by copying the config.sub and config.guess from the latest autoconf (which knows the x86_64 well enough, especially after I hacked it just a bit more that way).

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