Re: compiling glib with cygwin

Roger Leigh <roger whinlatter uklinux net> writes:

> "gregt" <gregt artistech com> writes:
>> I never solved it and gave up.
> [...]
>> From what I have seen there are many developers that have the same
>> problem in compiling glib/gtk+ with Cygwin. It does'nt work out of the box and
>> the dependencies are not worked out and not documented.
> I persevered, and I've now successfully built:
> GLib       (2.2.3)
> Atk        (1.2.4)
> Pango      (1.2.5)
> Gtk+       (2.2.4)
> libglade   (2.0.1)
> SigC++     (1.2.5)
> Gtkmm      (2.2.9)
> libglademm (2.1.3)

Patches for GLib, Atk, GTK+ and libglade are available here:

Instructions for patching and building are here:

Note that all these patches are also in Bugzilla.  As I'm also not a
windows expert, so they are likely to be imperfect.  They work for me,
but if a more knowledgable cygwin/windows user could have a look over
them, that would be great.

I've not yet got these ported to GTK+ 2.4, since I've not got GLib to
pass the testsuite yet (child-test and unicode conversion fail).

I hope these are useful!


Roger Leigh

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