gtk+-2.4.0 installation problem

Hi All, 

I'm trying to compile gtk 2.4 on Solaris 8 and am running into some problems relating to Xft. According to 2.4 the install guide:
"Pango includes two backends that work on top of fontconfig: an Xft2 backend and a backend that uses fontconfig and the underlying FreeType library directly. Neither backend is mandatory, but the Xft2 backend is the preferred backend for X and the FreeType backend is needed by many applications."

This seems to imply that I don't need Xft, however, when I run the configure script, it complains that pangoxft and xft 2 cannot be found. I've tried compiling Xft, but have run into problems with xrender being a if Xft really isn't required, that would great.

Thanks for any help,

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