RE: compiling glib with cygwin

Title: compiling glib with cygwin


I never solved it and gave up. I program primarily with .NET in windows, but I wanted to try to port some of the code to Linux and I thought mono/gtk+ might be a path, but it does not look promising. I do not have time to debug open source code. From what I have seen there are many developers that have the same problem in compiling glib/gtk+ with Cygwin. It does’nt work out of the box and the dependencies are not worked out and not documented.


Sorry I could not help.




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Subject: compiling glib with cygwin




I was trying to compile glib on cygwin and ran into troubles - went to Google and found your post on the same thing (undefined reference to _g_log etc.). Do you have any insights you might want to share?

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