Re: pkg-config

On Thursday 29 January 2004 10:10, Serdar Ozgur ATA wrote:
>as an inexperienced person on Linux platform,  I try to build
> glib-2.2.3 also gtk+-2.2.3 but I've received the error
>"pkg-config not found".
>for this purpose I've downloded these packages
>- pkgconfig-0.14.0.tar
>- glib-2.2.3.tar
>- gtk+-2.2.3.tar
>and also
>- atk-1.2.4.tar
>- pongo-1.2.5.tar
I *think* this pkgconfig is too old, and that you may need 

The error message isn't very explicite when it fails over versions 

>in pkgconfig-0.14.0 directory
>make install sequence I build pkg-config then I can see that
> pkg-config is created in the directory "/usr/local/bin/" plus
>pkg-config.1 in "/usr/local/man/man1/"
>but I failed on trying to build glib+-2.2.3 because of  "pkg-config
> not found" error.
>also messages I saw are
>"aclocal-1.4 ... missing" and "automake-1.4 ... missing"
>one solution I found on the NET is to set PKG_CONFIG_PATH as
>export PKG_CONFIG_PATH="/usr/local/bin/"
>but  doesn't work
>please help me...
>thanks a lot
>sata superonline com
>ata uekae tubitak gov tr
>Tel : 262 - 648 14 41

Cheers, Gene
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