GtkScrolledWindow problem

Hello, i have a problem with the GtkScrolledWindow. I
have a
strange situation: i have two scrolled window packet
in a GtkVBox.
I have disabilated the scrolled window scrollbar
and i draw my self a hscrollbar and put in the
GtkVBox. I need
this because when the user scroll i have to scrool
both the 
scrolled window. For scroll the window i use:

  // Take from gtkscrolledwindow.c
  new_value = CLAMP (new_value, adj->lower, adj->upper
- adj->page_size);
  gtk_adjustment_set_value (sfl->inte_adj, new_value);
  gtk_adjustment_set_value (sfl->fixed_adj,

The value for my hscrollbar adj
is taken from the hadjustment of the first scrolled
(the two window have the same dimension).

The problem is that when scroll i obtain that the
scrolled window
became black. What can i do for this situation ? Where
i am wrong ?

thanks, hammer.

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