Re: XIM key interpretation fix for 2.2.x?

On Sat, 6 Sep 2003 22:34:33 -0700
Ken Deeter <ktdeeter alumni princeton edu> wrote:

> - it has to be made clear to a person using a im context that they
> need to override this added method. An ideal solution should not
> require a creator of a widget that uses an IM context to have to
> implement a separate method  so that the IM will get keystrokes, it
> should happen automatically 

 I think your opinion is right. I'm noticed adding new method doesn't
seem good to solve this problem.

> I think the spirit of the original snooper patch is more appropriate.
> The IMContext should be modified so that when it is or becomes active,
> it tells someone "i need keystrokes", and the keystroke handling
> mechanism should be modified so that when it knows a particular
> context needs keystrokes, they will get there.

 I think spirit of original snooper patch is not enough. Because now we
are disscussing about IM key event handling, but Gtk+ has another key
event handling problem. Another problem is discussed in the last few
days on gtk-devel-list.

  I think gtk+ should have something new keystroke handling mechanism.
(So, our conclusion may be same.)



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