XIM key interpretation fix for 2.2.x?


I've been looking through bugzilla for the exact report.. but there was
(still is w/ 2.2.x) a problem where when using the XIM based immodule,
key events are recieved by the application even when an XIM consumes
those keys. 

For example, in gedit, if one uses the skkinput method, hitting Ctrl+G
in the appropriate context will always trigger a gedit dialog box,
though in skkinput, it means to cancel the current conversion. The bug
is particularly annoying when "Enter" means different things to the IM
and the application.

Anyhow, I know it has been fixed (i just can't find the report) and was
curious if it could be backported to the 2.2.x branch, as it is still
quite annoying to deal with (in every gtk+ app). I tried 2.2.3 but the
behaviour was still the same.


"If only God were alive to see this.. "  -Homer Simpson

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