Always forcing core font rendering

Hello all,

	I'm wondering if there's a way to force all Gtk+ apps to use the
XFree86 core font renderer instead of Xft/FreeType?  I don't really
understand the new XFree86 font system very well (man, it's really
complicated...), but I'm guessing I need to do something with Pango?
That seems like the place where font backends are chosen.  I'm using
Gtk+ 2.2, Pango 1.2, Fontconfig 2.2.0, and FreeType 2.1.4.

	I've tried the GDK_USE_XFT=0 trick, but this doesn't seem to
always work - it works as I'd expect with things like LogJam (it falls
back to 100dpi core fonts), but mozilla doesn't behave at all as expected
(instead of following my FontPath ordering, it oddly chooses a Courier

Thanks in advance!

Ross Vandegrift
ross willow seitz com

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